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Hidden surprise!

Well, I got a moment to work on the car today in the beautiful sunshine, since I had a nice day off. My plan was to take the front bumper completely off, since there is a bit of a warp to the plastic I’d like to fix. There were only 2 bolts left on the driver’s side holding it there at the moment, so it was pretty easy to get off, (especially since I broke one bolt, the same one as the opposite side of the car.)

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Quarter panel removal

Well, thanks to my super-awesome helpers Dominick and Garrett, I was able to remove the dented front quarter panel today. The frame underneath is solid, although it has lots of ants and acorns in it. Sorry ants, no room for you in this project! We broke a bolt inside the fender, but that’s okay because I plan on replacing as many as possible with new ones. It also looks like there is a fair amount of room to go bigger with the rims or lower with the springs, but we’ll most likely need to adjust the fenders to accommodate.

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Baby steps

Today I began assessing the car and documenting what needs to be done. The tow truck driver dropped the Reliant a bit close to the fence in my driveway, so I reconnected the battery and fired the car up (with fingers crossed, of course). SUCCESS! The car started right up and I moved it to a more accessible place in the driveway to wrench on it. The motor is running a bit rough, probably because the computer is trying to recalculate everything for the Electronic Fuel Injection, which was fairly new to this model at the time. Prior versions all had carburetors, I believe.

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The Reliant gets towed to a new home

Well, I’ve got the Reliant at my house now. For the past year it has sat in a rural field, in “storage”, awaiting its fate. Today I had it towed up to my home and dropped at the back of my driveway, where I can look more closely at it and work on it at my convenience.  I did some “before” photos, so that I can look back on my progress. I will share those as the journey progresses.

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