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Baby steps

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Today I began assessing the car and documenting what needs to be done. The tow truck driver dropped the Reliant a bit close to the fence in my driveway, so I reconnected the battery and fired the car up (with fingers crossed, of course). SUCCESS! The car started right up and I moved it to a more accessible place in the driveway to wrench on it. The motor is running a bit rough, probably because the computer is trying to recalculate everything for the Electronic Fuel Injection, which was fairly new to this model at the time. Prior versions all had carburetors, I believe.

Obviously the front driver’s tire needed to get swapped out, so I got the full size spare out of the trunk. The trunk pan under the spare is in great shape, which is comforting.  I jacked the car up and swapped the wheel out with no issues.

I removed the front license plate holder (because it is ugly and just screwed right into the plastic). Also, the insulation under the hood was in rough shape so I removed it. I’ll replace it later.

Anyway, small victories today.

new tire
A fresh new (spare) tire!
under hood
Goodby gross and ratty hood insulation stuff.
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