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Bangin’ Dents

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I finally decided to tackle the dented front fender…

I really wanted to get the fender back onto the car and reattach the bumper, but first I needed to bang out the dents! I bought a little auto body dolly and found a plain old hammer in the shed and started smacking it until I thought it looked better. Then I hit it with the sander to see where the high/low spots were. Then back at it with the hammer, but with a bit more precision this time. Then sander again to see some more results and remove any rust and flaking paint as best I could.

I hit it with some paint over the bare metal so it wouldn’t rust and so I could better see the high and low spots. I put it back on the car, but I had to find a couple bolts to replace a few that were broken off when it got removed.

There were a couple tricky spots where the metal was crumpled pretty bad, but I stuck with it and overall it looks decent. It’s not showroom, but it’s good enough that I can add some body filler and make it pretty much smooth. That’s good enough for me 🙂

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