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Black and blue

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So there is a lot of rust that is going to be difficult to remove. As long as you don’t come closer than 10 feet, this car will look pretty good 🙂

I haven’t really done bodywork before so it will be interesting to see how this all goes. This week I’ve been doing some scraping, sanding, minor dent pulling, grinding and a few shots of flat black aerosol Tremclad Rust Restorer in some spots just to test some things out. I have a different kind of Rust Converter I will try in the areas where I don’t have success with the sanding.

I have a large dent in the side that I have mostly pulled, but I’ve been having issues getting the suction cup to stick where it needs to stick in order to remove the dent effectively. I’m probably going to need to drill a hole and pull the dent the old school way. You’ll notice that spots on the car will be flat black moving forward – this is primer and rust converter and will be dealt with a bit later. Remember, this car will have a vinyl wrap, not paint. This means the paint “blotchyness” isn’t an issue, but the smoothness of the surface will be. That’s why I’ve bought some Bondo body filler for some areas to smooth things out.

I’ve removed most of the stick-on pin striping from the sides of the car. I also fixed some minor rust on the trunk lid and rear passenger wheel well – I might take another stab at it though.

There is this weird plastic laminated rubber insert strip in the bumpers that is supposed to look like chrome. It looks like ass. I’ve attempted to get it cleaned up (see below) with a knife, but it doesn’t do a good enough job, so I will need to completely remove those inserts from the bumpers and clean them out separately, then re-insert them. Kind of a pain, but I can’t really get it cleaned up any other way.

With all car bodywork, things always look bad until it’s done!

This plastic "chrome" is past its prime
This plastic “chrome” is past its prime – time to come off!


A bit cleaned up, but not enough.
A bit cleaned up, but not enough. Gonna need to remove the whole piece.


passenger rear wheel well
passenger rear wheel well – Sanded/ground with Rust Restorer applied.


black and blue
Black and blue – this shot makes it look worse than it actually is.


Will this work? I guess we will find out!
Will this work? I guess we will find out!



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