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Eye surgery

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Work must be done on the front fascia, so the bezels and headlights needed to come out!

Today I removed the headlight bezels. They are held on with four Torx head screws. I’ll clean up behind everything and degrease it all, then do a minor bit of Bondo work on the deep scuffs and small crack on the top.

The orange plastic lenses for the turn signals come out by pressing clips on the top and bottom of the bezel. I took them out. I’m either going to clean them up and reinstall or else replace the orange lenses with clear corners and amber bulbs. I’ll have to make my own plastic lenses in that scenario, so that may something I do later.

I haven’t removed the headlights yet, but I’ll get that next time. I can work around them so it’s not a big deal.

Front view
Front view
Bezel removed
Bezel removed.

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