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Fine, I’ll drill holes

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I wasn’t satisfied with the dent repair as it was, so I bit the bullet and decided to drill some holes to see if I could do a better job. And it worked!

I made my own version of a slide hammer using an S-shaped Allan key and a framing hammer. I drilled a hole, popped one end of the Allan key into the body and then yanked on it ad

It worked pretty good, but it didn’t get the dent out. So I drilled another hole and did it again. Much better but not perfect. Two more holes and some creative use of the rubber mallet and I got it pretty much flat! The holes ended up a bit flared out from the pulling, so I hit them with the angle grinder and flattened them all out.

I sprayed it all with the Tremclad rust converter stuff. When that was dry I did some Bondo. my wife was more than happy to take some pics of me since my hands were messy. (Pro tip: don’t get body filler all over your hands. It will stay with you for life!)

Next up, sanding and primer…


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