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Headlights and degreasing

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The engine bay is very grimy. Very, very grimy. I figured I’d spend a bit of time scrubbing what I could reach. It came out pretty nice for the amount of effort I put in, and only doing one pass at it. Degreasing is pretty slow going, but it looks awesome.

I painted up the headlight-bulb-holder-things. I just kinda sanded them and sprayed them, mostly because they don’t get seen but I wanted them to not be rust-coloured. They should probably be replaced, but they aren’t that essential and they still function to keep the bulbs aligned. Close enough for Rock-and-Roll!

I got some new sandpaper discs for the orange beast sander and attacked the trunk lid where the badging used to be. It worked really well with 50 grit, but now I need a small palm sander with higher grits to finish it off and smooth out Bondo in other parts of the car. I’ll get the sander tomorrow, gotta look for some sales!

Lastly, I pulled all the plastic trim off the car. The vision for the car doesn’t include this crappy trim.

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