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Hidden surprise!

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Well, I got a moment to work on the car today in the beautiful sunshine, since I had a nice day off. My plan was to take the front bumper completely off, since there is a bit of a warp to the plastic I’d like to fix. There were only 2 bolts left on the driver’s side holding it there at the moment, so it was pretty easy to get off, (especially since I broke one bolt, the same one as the opposite side of the car.)

I got the bumper off without issues, and Dominick found a little surprise inside… a Hide-A-Key box with a spare ignition key! The little box looks like it had a magnet in it which is long gone, but through some miracle the little plastic box remained up inside the bumper for who knows how many years. I asked my dad, since it was his car for years. He had no idea it was in there, which means it’s been there for a long, long time. Cool!

Also today, I did some window and interior cleaning while Dominick vacuumed up most of the broken glass out of the passenger door. We’ve determined we need a better vacuum though. I re-taped the plastic wrap on the passenger window to be more secure for now.


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