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Junk in the trunk!

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This week I bought a small detail sander at Canadian Tire and put it to good use. I needed to scuff up the paint and get some smoothness in the areas where I attacked the Reliant with the angle grinder and “Orange Beast” power sander.

I went over the trunk lid and the rear quarter to get them feeling a lot more smooth and ready for Bondo or primer. I opted to take the trunk lid completely off the car to paint it, just because I hate masking if I don’t need to. Some masking was needed to cover the trunk-lock Pentastar, although it might eventually get painted or vinyl wrapped depending on the final look I choose.

I only did the first coat, mostly to protect from rust appearing on the bare metal, and because the wind made it difficult to spray (I am outside, after all). The results are obviously spotty because it’s only one coat, but it’s a good start. I did get a run in one spot as well.  There are some spots where the initial sanding could have been better, so I’ll sand those issues out and then do the second coat to fix it up. I reinstalled the trunk for now because I was done for the day and it was going to rain overnight… didn’t want the trunk full of water!

The dent on the rear passenger side is about as “out” as I can get it without drilling, and I don’t really want to do that. I banged out all the high spots and smoothed out what I can in preparation for some Bondo work, then primer.

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