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Looking underneath

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The Reliant is up on blocks so it’s easier for me to take a look at the condition of the underside. I went around the car and made note of some issues.

The majority of the metal underneath the car is actually pretty solid, but with surface rust over lots of the rocker panels and wheel wells. I hit it with screwdrivers and hammers, but only 3 spots are weak and definitely repairable. Some of the rust areas are bubbled and pitted, but the metal is still very solid (and very thick). The doors are in really good shape too, thankfully.

These 3 spots will need to be cleaned and patched up with sheet metal. The rest of the rust is going to have a meeting with a grinder really soon.

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The doors are good!

General Surface Rust:

Spot #1: Driver’s rocker panel

Spot #2: Driver’s foot well hole

Spot #3: Driver’s rear wheel well

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