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Painting the front fascia

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My car kinda looks like it’s wearing a bandit mask. 🙂

I did some Bondo and cleanup on the front end previously. Now I wanted to make sure that everything was smooth and will look nice when I paint or wrap the car later. I gave it some light sanding and got out the trusty Tremclad Flat Black paint/primer. After a generous coat, it looks pretty sweet (sorry the pictures are not fantastic – the sun was in my face).

I don’t have a garage, so I painted it outside in my driveway, which means there are a few inevitable minor pieces of dust that stuck onto the wet paint. It will be fine for now, but I’m going to go over it later with some fine grit sandpaper to even things out and get rid of a little run that I ended up with in one spot. Then I’ll give it one more coat with the paint and start back to work on the dents.

I love painting!


Flat Black front
Flat Black front (hard to tell in this pic…)
Flat black
Flat black
Flat black
Flat black
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