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Rain is annoying

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So it’s been pretty much raining every day, and I can’t get anything done to the car because I don’t have a garage. When we did have a break in the rain, I was able to do some small things to at least push the project forward.

I sprayed one panel with a coat (albeit an uneven one) of flat black. I also started to spray some of the chrome trim on that side around the rear window. This will eventually all be covered in vinyl, so this is a dress rehearsal of how it will look when all black. I think it looks pretty bad ass, but also very amateur since I did a poor quality coat in a rush. Easy to fix though.

I managed to put the wheels back on, then take the car off blocks. I reconnected the battery and started it up, then turned it around in the driveway. The transmission seems to work well, and the brakes are pretty decent for sitting so long. Not sure how long it has been since the brakes were done, but the front rotors look to be at end-of-life.The car runs really rough for the first bit, likely due to the computer figuring itself out after the battery being disconnected.

Now that the car’s turned around, I can work on the drivers’ side bodywork and engine more easily. I am putting a functional hood scoop on the car, so I “drew” that on there because I was kinda bored. Also, whitewalls are not going to be a feature on the car in the future! Ugh.


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