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The Reliant gets towed to a new home

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Well, I’ve got the Reliant at my house now. For the past year it has sat in a rural field, in “storage”, awaiting its fate. Today I had it towed up to my home and dropped at the back of my driveway, where I can look more closely at it and work on it at my convenience.  I did some “before” photos, so that I can look back on my progress. I will share those as the journey progresses.

A few observations: I noticed that the floor has become a bit “soft” under the driver’s side dead-pedal area, due to sitting and age. I’ll need to investigate and likely weld in some new metal patches for safety. The driver’s side front tire is completely off the rim so I need to change that out, likely for the full size spare. I have another good set of tires, but not on rims yet. That can wait for later 🙂

Towing the reliant
Up on the flatbed and ready to leave the storage yard for my driveway. Also, one of my favourite towing slogans lol.




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