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This is a blackout!

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I really want this car to be black. Blacker than black. This means that all of the trim, panels, and accents are going to be flat black.

I sanded the entire roof (and some other things), then degreased and washed them. I masked off some window areas and trim, but not all because I was just doing a small area, not the whole car. I think it is turning out pretty cool, except for a few drips of water that were still there and messed up the paint below the rear window. That’s okay though, because the actual panel will get sanded and painted later anyway.

I sprayed the mirror, the door trim, window trim and the part of the door that goes around the window glass. I also started in on the roof, but not too aggressively. Later the entire car will get a vinyl wrap, but I’m going to cruise it in flat black until then.


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