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Updated grille and doors

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I wanted to get the front fascia back together so I spent a bit of time masking and painting the front grille.

I decided to leave the star and outer ring in the plastic “chrome” look for now. I may change my mind later, but I thought I would see how it looks. Originally I wanted to cut out all of the inside of the grille and just leave the outer ring, and I may still do that.

For the doors, I needed to scrub the old double-sided tape off, where it was once holding the old trim in place. I thought this would be easier, but it was really stuck on there. I tried using Goo-Gone, and it barely did anything. I ended up just using straight Acetone. It was pretty gross, but with a ton of wiping and rubbing it all came off. I masked and painted the door, and it looks pretty awesome!


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