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About the crew

This is me!
This is me!

My name is Joel Emberson and this is my ridiculous project. I’ll be doing the majority of the work, coming up with the plans, documenting the process and financing everything out of my own pocket.

Here are some Quick Facts about me:

  • I’m 37 years old
  • I have a beautiful wife and I’m a dad to five kids
  • I live in Cumberland Beach, Ontario, Canada
  • I work for the Government of Ontario
  • I’m a web/graphic designer so I sit in front of computers all day
  • I probably have no business working on cars at all, but it’s pretty satisfying
  • I play guitar and write songs
  • I love photography


The “Crew”

In addition to myself, I have some helpers that pitch in when they are around and are bored:

Dominick Rees-Plaskitt
My step-son, Dominick Rees-Plaskitt


Garret Porter
Dominick’s friend Garret Porter