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Up on blocks

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So I have a k-car up on blocks in my driveway… I’m officially a redneck. šŸ™‚

Concrete blocks are one of those things that most people have laying around and don’t remember when they ever bought them, like tennis balls. Turns out, I didn’t have any, so Dominick and IĀ  bought some at Home Depot.

Today I jacked the car up front and back and put it up on those blocks. Then I took off the wheels to see what was going on underneath.Ā  The rusty rims I took off have worn out snow tires, but I have a decent set of Uniroyal all seasons that just need some new steel rims. 14″ rims look *so* small compared to the 17″ alloy rims on my Mazda3 or my wife’s Mazda6.

Generally, the floors look pretty solid except for a couple spots under the driver’s foot well. The brakes definitely all need to be replaced: the front pads and rotors are pretty old and gross, and the drums are ancient. New shocks all around as well, just for good measure.

Here are some pics, as well as a few of the interior that I took today. Also a few of the dent behind the rear passenger door that needs to get pulled.


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